lavender nights

“We’re not afraid to be queer and different/ ..We see a world of romance and of pleasure/ All they can see is sheer banality/ Lavender nights our greatest treasure/ Where we can be just who we want to be./ ../ But we’re too strong, proud, unafraid/ In fact we almost pity you/ You act from fear, why should that be?/ What is it that you’re frightened of?/ The way that we dress? The way that we meet?/ The fact that you cannot destroy our love?/ We’re going to win our rights to lavender days and nights!” (Lavender Song, 1921)


A journey to the lesbian 20s in Berlin in company of Mette, Olga Radó, Alexandra, Gert, Dr. Fräulein Südekum, Eri and Ruth. A wandering through lesbian milieus, identities, lesbian suffering, loving and living.
(lecture at lilac POP, 24.07.2017, Dresden)
Thanks to Spinnboden archive Berlin