This is what democracy looks like?

– the situation of Hungarian oppositional cultural workers

A series of events happen in the context of the campaign by all Dresden universities against right-wing ideologies and are organised by Irène Mélix and Theresa Schnell. The film, lecture, theatre play and discussions will deal with the changes in Hungary that happened after the right-wing takeover in 2010, especially focussing the cultural politics.
The shift to the right in the previous years led to a massive pressure for Hungarian cultural workers. The radical right-wing party Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom (engl.: movement for a better Hungary) turned to be the third power in Hungarian parliament after the elections in 2010, 2014 they got 20,5% of the votes. This party is, as they state “conservative, behaving radically, Christian and patriotic” and tries to influence massively the cultural sector. The series of events will include a talk with the oppositional critic and professor of art József Mélyi as well as a theatre performance named “music in the global village”. A film by Istvan Szabo will be shown and József Mélyi will be invited for a talk afterwards.