s_he works hard


Eine Veranstaltung von Irène Mélix und Theresa Schnell in Kooperation mit dem STURA der HfBK Dresden

s_he works hard


An event by Irène Mélix und Theresa Schnell in cooperation with the students assembly of HfBK Dresden

Art is work. Works creates values. Why is it so hard for people in art and culture to make a living out of this work?
This leads to the question of money: The term “value” always seems to be connected to financial value. But even if it wasn’t: Considering the difficult economic situation of artists and people working in culture: would it make sense to think about their work’s importance without those numbers?
Creative artist, self-employed or sometimes working for a fee – the questions of net value, of art and life, seem frightening. How can we, as part of the cultural sphere, defend the value of our contribution to society in a productive way? Are we producers? Is art a commodity? Is making art a service? Or can’t we go on with our current definition of value altogether?