the milieu (screenings)

Paris was a woman (1996) by Greta Schiller
The documentary “Paris was a woman” by Greta Schiller (1996) portraits the history of a milieu in Paris arround 1920. Women as the writers Colette, Dunja Barnes and Gertrude Stein, the painters Romain Brooks and Marie Laurencin, the photographers Berenice Abbott and Giselle Freund and the journalist Janet Flanner lived and worked there. Paris between two wars: Independent live, different loves, friendship, meetings in the salon, exchange – a rich and productive surrounding in a city of male dominated pubs and prostitution.

Paris is burning (1990) by Jennie Livingston
New York in the 1980ties – abundant balls, epic gowns and a dance (“Voguing”) that manages to question common heterosexual and white categories. Give me the gestures and poses, the patterns and the promise of a good live. The precious, the real and the family can be redefined differently. Outside, inside, underground –the possibility, to create a proper frame and relevance.