Amour sur Minitel@Wrocław

AMOUR SUR MINITEL (Wroclaw, 7/2019)

>>A meeting summarizing the four-week long research residence of Irène Mélix (Dresden), who came to Wrocław as a result of this year’s call for artists from European partner cities. Activist explored the history of the Wrocław LGBTIQ community during her residency. As part of the „Amour Sur Minitel“ project, Mélix focused on researching the history of advertisements and announcements of lesbians from Wrocław, who in the course of several decades – especially during the soviet period and after the political changes, but still before the time of wide access to the Internet – were forced to look for their other half by publishing advertisements in daily press or in magazines not necessarily accessible to a wide audience.
The result of her research is a zin designed together with a Wrocław-based graphic designer Ewa Rebeca Służyńska. The promotion of the publication was complemented by a conversation with Krzyśek Kliszczyński from the Lambda Association in Warsaw and Klemens Jakubowski from the Culture of Equality in Wrocław, as well as a pop-up sound installation „Lonely Hearts“.<<


Querformatiges Foto, in zwei Bildhälften geteilt. Die linke Bildhälfte zeigt eine Detailansicht des weißen Sockels von oben. Unter den schwarzen Lautsprecher ist ein zine geklemmt, das aufgeschlagen ist. Beide Seiten zeigen schwarz gedruckten Text, auf der linken Seite ist zudem die pinkfarbene Illustration eines laufenden Herzens abgedruckt. Die rechte Bildhälfte zeigt den Blick über die Schulter einer Person mit kurzen Haaren, die ein zine in der Hand hält und darin liest. Im Hintergrund sitzen unscharf weitere Personen.

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Last Monday we met with Irène Mélix to summarise her research residence. Activist came to Wrocław to study and analyse the history of non-heteronormative women who, over last few decades, have tried to get to know their soul mate⤵

“It’s hard to end with the loneliness when you use Lonely Hearts section, but I still haven’t given up and I’m still looking for a real partner here.”

Big thanks for a cooperation with those amazing Wrocław-based artists ERS & Agata Kalinowska and for support of Kultura Równości, QueerStoria. Biblioteka i Archiwum Lambdy Warszawa

Lonely Hearts, high five for great atmosphere!

photos by Agata Kalinowska