lavender songs

Clubbing on a gay night turns into a glittering party. Among the guests are Olga Rado, Mette, Eri and many other book favourites. The ladies* nestle around the tables, smoking cigarettes, the authors order one beer after another at the bar, while Fräulein Dr. Südekum keeps to her corner, trying not to stick out. A boisterous, familiar air fills the room and chat-ups are whirring around. No-one seems to notice the lone scorpion, which climbs up the wall behind the counter… This is where the women* who love women* meet to flirt, kiss and whisper sweet to one another, to talk, dance and write lesbian herstory…

Research, Script, Concept: Irène Mélix
Direction, Sound: Antje Meichsner
Translation: Olga Hyrckowian
Proofreading: Wero Posnik
Voices: Ulla Heinrich, Rosa Klee, Irène Mélix, Antje Meichsner

sponsored by the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen