lonely hearts@LILAC Dresden

lonely hearts @ LILA-X-BATH
30th anniversary of Gerede e.V. Dresden

____WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? [easy access] This exhibition was made by the artist Irène Mélix with Vincent Schier and the artists of the Blue Distance. It took place in an old bar. The exhibition is about spaces where queer people can meet. (Queer means that people don’t think that there are only two genders, men and women. And that not only men and women can love each other. There are many ways to love and live together). The question in the exhibition was: What would the bar have to look like for queer people in Dresden to feel comfortable here?____

The nearly 17-minute video “Lonely Hearts @ Lilax-x-bath, visions for a queer community” features interviews with artist Irène Mélix, curator Vincent Schier, and the artist duo Blaue Distanz (Franziska Goralski and Anna Erdmann). They are all filmed in the bar, which is also an exhibition space. Ed is a white-painted basement vault with a bar and wooden furniture, where various artistic interventions can be seen.

(video only in german)


lonely hearts by Irène Mélix & Vincent Schier:
For the 30th anniversary of Gerede e.V., the large collection of lesbian* personals from all over the world – the lonely hearts – which Irène Mélix has been cultivating since 2015, was expanded to include Saxon voices: From the attic of the Gerede, from the weekly mail of the GDR and from various online archives, covetous, hopeful, crazy, tender, depressed and confident voices are speaking up. They reveal not only something about their writers but also about the social and societal context. A newly created photographic work sees itself as a homage to the photographer Alice Austen and a contribution to the history of lesbian* visibility. The audio piece “lila lieder” (2018) is a cross-epochal encounter of queer and lesbian* characters in a lively bar, and in the lilac library of Blaue Distanz, fragments of the related research are shown.

LILA-X-BATH by die Blaue Distanz (Anna Erdmann and Franziska Goralski):
In the rooms of a former pub and bathtub in the district house, the focus is now on community care and queer physicality. In addition to a regulars’ table, an excerpt from the lilac library, and an exposure place, numerous locations open up the opportunity to dive into care needs in an exploratory way. The winding basement rooms give sweaty occasions to stay, to occupy oneself or to get in contact. Or, as a queer sauna advertisement once lured: “Enjoy with all your senses and discover new and familiar, exciting and relaxed things with us…”. We are looking forward to you!

Landscape room view of a cellar vault with white painted brick. The viewer's gaze passes over a wooden bar with a golden tap into the room, which is divided by several round arches. In the first section is a round wooden table with two wooden benches. The wall behind one of the benches is taken up by a photo wallpaper showing a bar scene. A section of the room further back has a built-in pedestal on casters, covered with a lilac carpet. At the very back of the room on the wall hangs a large black and white photo showing three people. In the left half of the picture, a corridor can be glimpsed behind the round arches, with lines of text running along the wall.
Photo: Adam Erdmann

Saturday, 05.12.2020
20:00 – 00:00 lonely hearts @ LILA-X-BATH meets Feminist Takeover
Monday, 07.12.2020
18:00 Dresden que(e)r through the century & Ménage-à-trois: Gret Palucca, Marianne Zwingenberger & Irmgard Schöningh
<Tuesday, December 8, 2020
19:00 LOVE NOT HATE, BUT RAGE! LGBT struggles in Poland – talk about a trip
Wednesday, 09.12.2020
20:00 2020 – a review of the year in terms of gender equality policy?
Friday, 11.12.2020
18:00 Queer futures for Dresden! femtalk goes online
Monday, 14.12.2020
18:00 LSBTI* in the GDR
Friday, 18.12.2020
18:00 Ludwig Renn – a gay, communist writer of noble origin
20:00 Queer Pub Quiz 2.0: Christmas Special

The film is a recording of the online event “Love not hate, but rage! LGBT struggles in Poland, conversation about a journey”. The three speakers are sitting in the basement vault, which is also the exhibition space. They are dressed casual to punky and sit in different corners of the pub space.

(only available in german, sorry)

The film is a recording of the online event “Queer futures for Dresden” femtalk goes online”. This is also the slogan that is shown during the trailer. Two people are sitting at the bar of the pub, one wears short brown hair and a golden jacket, the other a blue cap, black clothes and round glasses. Between them on the bar is a laptop on which the speakers can be seen. They are shown in large format when they speak. In the surveys, the people are anonymized; only parts of them can be seen.

(only available in german, sorry)