Conference WORK/STRIKE

Dresden, 2016

“The Conference is dedicated to the categories of strike and work, which
are played off against (and with) each other. The objective is to gather
different artistic strategies, from material to immaterial work, from
deceleration to speed-up, from burnout to laziness, from making visible
to disappearing, from afformative to performative, from shouting to

During the whole conference: Exhibition (room 109) and “Freizeitklub”

The “Freizeitklub” is a possible location for spending one’s after work
hours. It is also part of the conference. Back strains, workwear, the
evening beer, the satisfaction of having worked and casual clothes
regularly met at this venue. These after hours only lasted till the next
At our venue, the “Freizeitklub” is a place to discuss one’s own after
work hours (in case they exist): Is it possible to say “No” to images?
Does culture come to an end after a long working day? Join your local union!

Irène Mélix, Theresa Schnell feat. Rosa Klee und FAU Dresden


Publication of the exhibition project WORK/STRIKE in Dresden by team2 (2016)

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