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Diamond Splinters, Kunsthalle Osnabrück (2022/23)

Rectangular color shot of three people in a cozy room, of which, with the exception of the right, the faces are hidden by a large, opened newspaper. It is titled "diamond splinters" and is black and white. The middle person holds it on both sides, only the brown, short hair looks out over the newspaper, from the two left persons only dark jeans and an arm with a leather bracelet are to be seen.

Photo provided by the group Starkids – SHG Transkids, Families and Friends


Diamond Splinters – Osna’s Queerstories is an artistic research and mediation project that traces queer life and love in Osnabrück. With the Kunsthalle Osnabrück and in close cooperation with the curator Manila Bartnik, a series of events has emerged after lengthy research, many interviews and meetings such as the one with Dr. Diana Häs, who has been involved for many years. People have come together for queerwalks, soft dates, storytelling cafés, Coming-Out Day, the memorial day of Peter Hamel and many other formats to exchange ideas about Osnabrück’s queer past, present and future. The crowning glory is the newspaper Diamond Splinters, which appeared in January 2023 as a special supplement to the Osnabrück daily newspaper throughout the city – with it I return the stories, collections, traces and thoughts to the queer community of the city. The queer talk show and closing event was about Osna’s queer future, for which I sincerely wish all the wonderful local people nothing but beautiful things!

click here for the flyer showing all events (only in German)

click here for the newspaper (only in German)

Portrait cell phone screenshot with purple background and the photo of a person up to the waist, who has short brown hair and holds an open, colorful leaflet in his hand. In white letters at the top it says "Kunsthalle Osnabrück 22h" and below it "Queer Talk with Irène Mélix, @houseofudo, @houseoffluicy and @gayinmayev". A white ribbon with black writing runs across the person's photo. "What can Osnabrück's queer futures look like? Let's talk!" and at the bottom of the picture @Kunsthalle Osnabrück as well as "on 09.02.2023 from 7 pm in the warehouse. It will be a festival" with pink heart emoji.

My warm thanks go to the Kunsthalle Osnabrück, to the curator Manila Bartnik, to the graphic designer Hjördis Lyn Behncken, to the art education and photographers, proofreading, to the queer political groups in Osnabrück, to the archives and supporters. Above all, I would like to thank Dr. Diana Häs and all the interview partners. I thank them for the trust they have placed in me.