NO SOLO – Irène Mélix (2020)

Catalog for the solo exhibition at D21 in Leipzig
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Texts: Sarah Frenking and Maria Bühner
Layout: Lydia Sachse
Cover photo: Fabian Ng’uni
Curator:inside: Katharina Zimmerhackl and Ariane Grafe

NO SOLO is the catalog for the solo exhibition of the same name at Kunstverein D21 in Leipzig from summer 2020. In it, works from various groups of works are gathered together for the first time, and also for the first time, small, poetic drawings and image commentaries form links between the works. The catalog also contains the text of a German-French border experience by Sarah Frenking as well as (in the digital version) a text about solidary colleagues in a VEB of the GDR by Maria Bühner, which deals with transidentity.


Eine Stunde fürs Leben – Irène Mélix (2021)

Katalog zur Ausstellung beim Max-Pechstein Preis, Kunstsammlungen Zwickau

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(only in german!)

This publication shows the two-part work at the exhibition for the Max Pechstein Prize nomination. It consisted on the one hand of Aria fermata (2019), and on the other hand of three flags that take up the slogans of the Arbeiter:innen movement for the 10-hour day in Crimmitschau, Saxony, in 1903/04. A long text by Silke Wagler (SKD) is also included.


The publication RAUCH, DER DURCH WÄNDE GEHT (2015)
to the exhibition of team2
Edition: 20 copies, 38 pages
click here for the publication: Rauch der durch Wände geht (smoke through walls)

and here for the raw english translation: smoke through walls

Exhibition/Concept/Publication: Irène Mélix, Theresa Schnell (team2)
The illustrated book was published to accompany the exhibition of the same name. With text, artistic works and events the question was raised how an emancipatory milieu is formed. Using the example of queer voguing balls in New York in the 80s or the bookstores of the Rive Gauche in Paris in the 1920s, it appears what power such milieus can unfold.


Publication for the exhibition Arbeit/Streik at the HfBK Dresden.
Edition: 25 copies, 44 pages
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Exhibition/Concept/Publication: Irène Mélix, Theresa Schnell (team2).

This is the publication of the exhibition project of the same name, which took place in the context of a conference at the Kunsthochschule Dresden. It gathers research material, artistic works, militant questionnaires, documentation of the leisure club and an essay by Irène Mélix.


rebellious alphabet (2015)
graphic novel, ca. 15×15 cm, digital print
Irène Mélix
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Rebellious alphabet is the rebellion of letters. Upside down U’s demonstrate, N’s build barricades and the letter K rehearses the uprising.