meeting Miss Europe

Meeting Miss Europe. An audiopiece with Hungarian cultural workers about european questions

team2 (Theresa Schnell | Irène Mélix)


– mix of german/english without full translation –

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“I hoped that this spook would be over after a couple of years. Well, and the Hungarians will then decide in a rational way, they don’t want to loose their future. And this government works in favour for the future to disappear. But it turned out that the Hungarian society and the Hungarian political culture was something completely different from what I had imagined.” (Jószef Mélyi)

Images, Art and propaganda: In the summer of 2016, we travelled to Budapest to research about the following questions: How do cultural workers act when the political system in which they are working, abolishes its democratic structures? When the Orban-regime puts in place a conservative circle of old men to decide about the country’s cultural funding along national interests, is it time to debate about the freedom of art in a completely different way? It became obvious several times that those questions do not only concern Hungary. Seen the development of Europe they are European questions and they concern us all.
Talks with the painter and activist Csaba Nemes, the curator Zsusza Lásló and the art historian Jószef Mélyi are the basis of the radio play “Meeting miss Europe”. Our alter egos – the muscled and (once) progressive Miss Europe as well as a travelling cultural worker are searching for places and forms of political debate. In doing so they also question the role of the artist. This play searches and documents concrete strategies of our Hungarian colleagues.

Research, idea, concept: team2 (Irène Mélix + Theresa Schnell)
voices: Irène Mélix, Antje Meichsner, Jana Moll, Theresa Schnell
editing and mixing: Antje Meichsner
music: Paradeiser Productions
atmo Budapest: Frank Schulte, Adi W, Ligna, Jozef Sprinzak (Radio Aporee)