Helmut, save us!

____WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? [easy access] In 1989, the wall that separated East and West Germany fell. Many people demonstrated for the policy in East Germany to change. Helmut Kohl, the chancellor of West Germany, visited Dresden at that time and gave a speech. He said that many things will be better now. Today we know that it was not true, and that for many people a difficult time began. In the work, the artist replays Helmut Kohl’s speech, but with all the shouts of the audience.____


(work only in german)

Helmut, rette uns! [Helmut, save us!], voice/digital recording, 15:29mn (2019)

Deutschland halt’s Maul, es reicht!
[Germany shut up, enough is enough!], foil typography/lasercut 100x250cm (2020)

exhibited at Motorenhalle Dresden and at the Pochen Bienale Chemnitz (2020): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVClGXyeoWA