collecting queerstories

Landscape color screenshot The opened browser window has a black background with "lonely hearts" written in white curved font at the top, and "About" written in sans-serif font in the rehct upper corner. In the center, two beige rectangles with a cut corner are arranged next to each other. On the left one is written in black letters "Dresden artist, looking for other radical left lesbians and queers in Dresden. Preferably open a pub together, but also first to the Späti would be okay. Get in touch! Okupid, 2020", on the right the same text in English. Next to it is a purple hand drawing of three small hearts, below them three gray boxes with the words "leave a reply", "name" and "comment". On the right are two gray boxes above which is written "Responses". The top one shows the following text: Svemir [May 19, 2021 at 12:18 am]: Hey you! Ehz... I admit I honestly wish this would be a match! If so, I'll come to Dd in early May, and suggest we grab a Fusspils and go for a walk around Löbtau, looking for 'nen perfect place for the pub. See you then? ? The box below shows this text: Francy Fabritz [April 28, 2021 at 9:06 am]: Hey sympathetic artist, I'm in immediately - ne Läsbnkneipe has ooch Berlin bitter nötich! But for you, I would also saddle up my motorcycle and jet off to the Späti in Dresden. When and where? Landscape screenshot of a browser window of the website On a black background, "lonely hearts" in curved letters at the top, "About" at the top right. Six beige rectangles are arranged in rows, the bottom row cropped. The top right corner of each is cut off and on all of them is black text, each representing a personals ad. The first three texts are as follows: Wroclaw. Where can a pair of girlfriends find a sociable connection with like-minded people in a dignified, elegant club? Please call the publisher at 1288. Women's love, 1928 Dresden Artist, looking for other radical left lesbians and queers in Dresden. Preferably we would like to open a pub together, but it would also be okay to go to the Späti for a while. Get in touch! okupid, 2020 Munich Young artist would like to join an intellectually sophisticated, thoroughly distinguished women's club. Off. under 1284 to the publisher. Frauenliebe, around 1928 Below the text is a pen symbol on the left and a globe on the right. Next to the beige boxes are hand-drawn purple hearts. (ongoing since 2017)

“Irène Mélix spent several years exploring the construction of lesbian identities and queer herstory, during which she gathered a collection of over 800 personal ads by lesbians and queers, so-called “lonely hearts”. She finds her material in historical magazines, queer archives and online platforms. The ads cover a wide variety of places, such as Australia, France, Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland, and the U.S., and write a queer herstory that is as transnational as it is non-linear, and spanning epochs. The short texts reveal complex stories of the writers’ loves, lives and sufferings, their economic situations, their desires, and their experiences of discrimination. Although anonymous and every one unique, they represent the lives and loves of queers and lesbians, who are often neglected even in queer historiography.” (SMU, Berlin 2021)